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Friday, 16 July 2010
How Green Is Ted Strickland? Ohio Ranks Near The Bottom In Renewable Energy

Ted Strickland likes to boost that he is the "Green" Governor. Ted Strickland lieks to boost that he is turning Ohio into a renewable energy giant.  Fact is, Ohio is near the bottom of the list of states when it comes to having renewable energy.

The League of Womern Voters May 2010 Ohio Renewable Energy Database states the following:

 Ohio continues to lag other states in renewable energy. Ohio still gets only a bit more than one percent of its electricity from renewable sources. Since the national average is about nine percent, we rank close to the bottom of the states by several criteria.

Thus, Ted Strickland is not as green as he makes himself and Ohio out to be.

Ohio ranks close to the bottom of all states in renewable energy.

And we want Ted Strickland to lead Ohio's green energy crusade for another 4 years.

I think not.

Dennis S. Spisak-Green Party of Ohio Nominee for Governor



for more information, contact 330-503-1407

Posted by votespisak at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 7 July 2010 4:05 PM EDT
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Sunday, 20 June 2010
Why Not Ohio? Let's Invest In Low-Carbon Mass Transportation

In an era of increasing oil prices, traffic gridlock, and hazardous air quality, it's time Ohio invests in local mass-transit systems, regional and interstate high speed rail, and low carbon means of transportation of both passengers and freight.

Expanding mass transit and rail infrastructure promises to create thousands of good constrcution jobs for Ohio while expanding transportation choices and strengthening communities across the Buckeye State.

Dennis S. Spisak-Green Party of Ohio Nominee for Governor



For more info, contact 330-503-1407

Posted by votespisak at 12:01 AM EDT
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Friday, 5 March 2010
Ted Strickland and Jean Schmidt: Kissing Cousins when it comes to Nuclear Power Plants

Last June, WCPO-TV in Cincinnati reported on the story of state and federal officials gathering in Piketon, Ohio to support a nuclear plant site there. Ted Strickland was holding hands with GOP queen Jean Schmidt praising nuclear power:


Officials made a step forward Thursday concerning the future of energy production in the Buckeye state.

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland and Congresswoman Jean Schmidt were among the leaders who gathered in Piketon, Ohio to announce plans to explore the option of a nuclear power plant there.

Piketon is about 100 miles east of Cincinnati.
The announcement took place at 10 a.m. at the former uranium enrichment plant which is the site possibly intended for the new energy plant. It has the necessary infrastructure for a nuclear plant.
The plant would take 10 years to build. It would employ about 4,000 people during construction and about 800 people when the plant is complete.

Duke Energy would reportedly be a partner in the plant along with a French firm. As of now, officials have not decided to move forward with the nuclear plant.  They have only announced a group to explore the possibility of a plant in Piketon.


Now we know why Duke Energy is a huge contributor in financial donations to the Strickland Campaign: They have a Nuke Plant puppet in Ted Strickland!

Is this the type of Governor you want running Ohio for your children's safety? Do you want a glowing Nuke plant in your backyard? You may get one if Ted Strickland is re-elected Governor of Ohio! How progressive is Ted Strickland if he cuddles up to Mean Jean Schmidt when it comes to Nuke Plants?

Dennis Spisak_Green Party Candidate for Ohio Governor

Ask for a Green Party Ballot and Vote in the Ohio Green Party Primary on May 4th!



For more info: contact 330-503-1407

Posted by votespisak at 12:01 AM EST
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Thursday, 6 November 2008
Mass Rail Transit Instead of Another 4 Lane Highway?

Mass Rail Transit Instead of Another 4 Lane Highway?


November 6, 2008


During my recent run for Congress there was talk about building another super highway between Columbus and Pittsburgh. Would there not be more benefits to building a mass rail transit system instead?

  1. Less use of land space.
  2. Cost of a mass rail transit system would cost ¼ of what it would be to build another 4-lane highway.
  3. Faster travel.
  4. Less maintenance costs (no orange barrels out every 6 months)
  5. Less cars on the road. Less pollution in the air.

California voters are climbing on board a plan to start construction of the nation's first high-speed rail system. The bond measure will approve the sale of nearly $10 billion in bonds as a down payment on an 800-mile high-speed rail network that would send electric trains zipping between Northern and Southern California at up to 220 mph. Supporters, including transportation, environmental and business groups and the heavy-construction industry, said high-speed rail would offer a fast, greener and less-costly way to travel up and down the state." Prop 1A: High-speed rail -- Yes 52.3%  No 47.7% [95% of vote reported by the LATimes.]


Thinking Green,

 Dennis Spisak

Posted by votespisak at 7:13 AM EST
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Sunday, 16 March 2008
Ohio's Loss is PA's Gain
Ohio’s Loss is PA’s Gain Press Release-March 16, 2008 Campaign site: Http://  Hailing it as a historic day for Clearfield County and the state, Gov. Edward Rendell of PA. celebrated the groundbreaking of construction of the first ethanol plant in the state yesterday at the Clearfield County Economic Development Corp. building in Clearfield. The $270 million ethanol plant will be one of the largest ethanol plants east of the Mississippi River and one of the 10 largest ethanol plants in the nation.The company probably would have constructed the plant in Ohio because of the lower cost of transporting corn and the higher cost of doing business in Pennsylvania, but the governor's package tipped the balance in favor of Pennsylvania.Dennis Spisak, Green Party candidate for State Representative for the 60th district, says What happened in Ohio is typical party politics and high paying lobbyists and PACS getting in the way of Ohio making any progress in renewable energy programs.

First, Coal is still a big player in Southern Ohio, and coal companies have enough politicians in their pockets to try and keep coal as a somewhat king in fossil fuel.

Second, Lobbyists like Exxon-Mobil have poured big money into opposing current Senate Bill 221 which would mandate more renewable energy sources, factories,and companies in Ohio.

Third, PA. State Representatives were very aggressive in pursuing the alternative energy plant to be built there along with cooperation with state and local officials. When is the last time you heard Bob Hagan fight for an alternative energy plant or company locating in the 60th district? The only two pieces of legistlation he has posted on his political web-site within the last year was trying to get the fast check companies to lower interest rates and his proposal to stop puppy breeding mills in Ohio.

Bob Hagan claims to be a progressive liberal but is really a paper tiger. He is just an insider politician who takes huge donations from lobbyists and PACS for his campaign war chest. He shows up for a few photo opps when an inflatable rat is put up at a picket line.

As a Green Party Candidate for the 60th district, I would go to Columbus to bring alternative energy jobs back to the valley. Right now the 60th district and Ohio is lacking the forward vision of what benefits renewable energy can bring to this state. Folks in PA. government understand the question. In fact, today in Pittsburgh they wrapped up a 2-day "Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference."

That is why I am asking the voters of the 60th district to support me in my campaign for state representative for the 60th district.

What type of jobs have Bob Hagan brought back in 20 years of being in Columbus? If Bob Hagan did not have the word Democrat next to his name on the November ballot, could you really support him for re-election this year?


Dennis Spisak

Independent Green Party Candidate for State Representative=60th district.

Please read about the Good Jobs-Green Jobs program on our campaign web-site under the link Health care and Progressive Job Programs.


Posted by votespisak at 10:20 PM EDT
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Monday, 10 March 2008
Solar Energy Gains Steam In Ohio, While Bob Hagan Misses Train

Solar Companies coming to Toledo and Cleveland. Why not Youngstown?

Press Release- March 10, 2008

Campaign Site: Http://

Independent Green Party Candidate for State Representative for the 60th District Dennis Spisak again criticized current State Representative Bob Hagan for not being in the forefront to bringing renewable energy companies and manufacturers to the Youngstown area.

Spisak cited a news release from Green Energy Ohio, a statewide not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting renewable energy in Ohio.

“Green Energy Ohio has reported that based largely on it’s world-class glass manufacturing capabilities, Ohio now has a proven core competency in the development and manufacturing of photovoltaic technology. Ohio is the birthplace of First Solar, which produces more solar panels than any of the 31solar manufacturing plants in the United States in 2006.”said Spisak.

Other solar companies are starting up in Northwest Ohio and the German based IBC Solar recently named Cleveland it’s North American Headquarters. Governor Strickland has also indicated the state is discussing Ohio investment by the largest Spanish Solar firm, Isofoton.

“Once again we see the rest of the state of Ohio beginning to benefit from solar and alternative energy manufacturing and Youngstown is left way behind because we have a current State Representative in Bob Hagan who will not invest the time or energy to bring such companies to the 60th district.” said Spisak. “We have the land to build such factories, the work force to man such factories, a university that could help the valley become an alternative energy manufacturing giant just like the steel mills in the 40’s through 70’s, but we have a current state representative who is missing the train when it comes to bringing 21st century jobs to the Valley.”

Spisak concluded, “ Bob Hagan has had no plan for economic recovery for the past 20 years and continues to have no current plan. While the rest of Ohio is moving into the 21st century, Bob Hagan remains clueless about job development in the valley. It’s time we elect a state representative like myself who will go to Columbus to help bring alternative energy jobs back to the valley.”

Posted by votespisak at 9:51 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 10 March 2008 9:53 PM EDT
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