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Dennis Spisak for Ohio Governor

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Final Weekend Push!

This is the final weekend of the campaign! This is the time to get out and tell your neighbors and friends that there is a new political party in Ohio that will MOVE OHIO FORWARD in a progressive positive direction! The Green Party of Ohio and the Spisak/Rios campaign for Governor will move Ohio forward while Ted Stirckland's plan of continuing the status quo and John Kasich's plan of cutting state programs will turn Ohio backwards!

Support the Green Party of Ohio on November 2nd!

Green Party of Ohio Nominee for Governor Dennis Spisak issued the following statement upon learning
that only the two major parties will be invited to the Gubernatorial Debates this fall in Ohio.
As the Green Party Nominee for Ohio Governor, I think it's a sham that myself and the Libertarian Candidate for Governor are not invited to the debates. The Ohio Secretary of State has certified that Minor Party candidates are allowed on the ballots this year, we have paid the same filing fees as Ted Strickland and John Kasich,and had supporters stomp throught the winter snowstorms to gather thosands of signatures to place us on the ballot.
Ohioans deserve to hear ALL candidates for Governor speak! Ted and John will sling mud and refuse to answer specially how they will fix Ohio.
I will.
Dennis Spisak
For more info, contact 330-503-1407

Welcome to our web site!

Thank You Voters! On To November!

I would like to thank all the voters of Ohio you voted for us in the May primary. I am proud to be your Green Party of Ohio Nominee for Governor!

The latest report indicates that over 11 percent of our workers are either unemployed or underemployed. Our infrastructure, and school and health care systems are failing. We are 8 billion in state debt. The richest of the rich have become more so while the majority of workers have fallen behind to inflation over the last 20 years.

Sixty-five percent of the people in a recent USA Today poll said they think most members of Congress don't deserve re-election. The poll shows that only 28 percent of voters identify themselves as Republicans and only 32 percent as Democrats. Thirty-nine percent have declared themselves as independents.

It is obvious that voters are abandoning hope that either of the two major parties can lead the country in the right direction. We have been disappointed too many times by both major parties. Ohio voters now have the unique opportunity to send the message to the rest of the country: We all deserve better!

Ted Strickland has failed Ohio. John Kasich will damage Ohio even further!

This is why we need a Green Party Governor for Ohio! A governor who will fight for single-payer health care, better school funding, more green jobs for Ohio, and a cleaner environment!


The people of Ohio are tired of government controlled by just the Democrats and Republicans. They no longer want the corporate politics of the two major parties. They want straight talk and straight answers to the problems facing Ohio, more blue-green jobs and greater employment opportunities, better funding of public schools, a cleaner environment, and single payer health care for all Ohioans.

These are issues the Democrats and Republicans fail to address and fail to offer any meaningful solutions too. Our campaign for Governor will address these issues, and will work towards finding 21st century solutions to these 21st century problems.

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Support Dennis!

Green Party Candidates do not accept donations from Lobbyists or Political Action Committees!

Now is the time to show your support for public funding of political campaigns and help Dennis Spisak win the 2010 election for Ohio Governor! 

A key component of Dennis' s strategy to win is the grassroots funding available to statewide candidates in Ohio. By taking advantage of the Ohio Income Tax Credit for Campaign Contributions, we can prove the viability of publicly funded campaigns and help bring an end to corporate and special interest control of our elections.

This is not a check-off contribution to a common fund but a full tax credit for campaign contributions to a specific candidate of up to $50 per individual or $100 for couples filing jointly. This is not a deduction. It is a full tax credit. You will be reimbursed with a credit towards the taxes you are assessed by the State of Ohio when you file your 2010 return. This is a great way to promote the new priorities that need to be enacted if we are to move beyond the failed policies of our present corporate funded leadership.

By donating now, you will help Dennis raise funds to run a winning campaign and direct our government to spend your tax dollars in support of the issues that are important to you and your family.

Please make your check payable to:

Spisak for Governor

548 Poland Ave.

Struthers,Ohio 44471

Donate the full amount and receive the full tax credit. Remember to file this donation with your 2010 Ohio Income Tax to receive the 2010 credit. Act now. Don’t let these funds go unused!

Ohio law mandates that your check must have your full name and address on it - PO boxes are not allowed. Contributions over $100 must include your employer’s name.

Our Candidate for Single -Payer Health Care,  Economic Growth, the Environment, and Education that works for YOU!


Dennis Spisak is an Ohio Green Party's Candidate for Ohio Governor in 2010! It's time we send a Progressive Liberal to Columbus to bring back Renewable Energy Jobs, Single-Payer Health Care for All, and Clean Fair Elections back to Ohio! I am running for Governor because I believe we must send a representative to Columbus who will address the issues facing regular citizens, not Lobbyists or Corporation PACs. My campaign will focus on the issues that Ohioans care about: affordable health care, economic fairness, quality public education, and bringing renewable energy manufacturing jobs to the state. I am not afraid to call for Health Care for All Ohioans, economic justice, and nothing less than a renewal of Ohio's sense of community and promise of equal opportunity for all citizens


Our Lt. Governor Running Mate-Anita Rios

Anita Rios has been an active member of the Ohio Green Party since 2000. She is Co-Convener of the Ohio Green Party and the Toledo President of NOW. She is a representative to the National Green Party, and a well-respected leader who has worn many hats at the state level. Anita will bring a unique perspective to the office of Lt. Governor. As the daughter of migrant farm workers, she learned early in her childhood that hard work, family loyalty, and sacrifice don’t always guarantee you the American Dream.

She overcame great social inequities through perseverance and determination. She was able to earn a college degree at the age of 31 and find a better life for herself and those she loves. Because of her long, productive history of activism focused on social justice, Anita will be a strong advocate for everyone who seeks opportunity for themselves and their children in this land of plenty.

Spisak for Governor, Molly Spisak, Treasurer. 548 Poland Ave,

Struthers, Ohio 44471