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Spisak for State Rep- 60th District

Our Platform

A progressive vision for the 60th District, the Mahoning Valley, and the great state of Ohio.

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Our Vision for a Progressive 60th District


Organize opposition to NAFTA trade policy and its desvastating impact on Ohio Jobs. 

 Protect our workers and unions.



Fund and protect public education.

Make college and technical education affordable.

Help provide support, advocacy, and information to Ohio parents and care givers  of children and adults with developmental disabilities and autism.



Promote clean alternative energy and create new alternative energy manufacturers in our valley.

Protect Ohio's air and water.

Improve mass transit - busses and trains are the way that many people get to work - and that number is expected to grow over 40% in the next 10 years. But, as fuel prices rise, the cost of running mass transit grows too. Dennis Spisak will work the city bus system in partnering with Youngstown State University to look for green solutions and less costs to riders and taxpayers.


Clean Elections

Eliminate fraudulent computer ballot counts and use verifiable paper ballots.

Assure that all Ohioans have an equal opportunity to vote and run for office.



Pass The Health Care for All Ohioans Act that covers every Ohioan for any necessary procedure their doctor orders without exclusions for pre-existing conditions.


 Ohio Economy Needs Small Business and Small Business Needs Single-Payer

      Small business and the self-employed are driving Ohio’s growing service economy to everyone’s advantage, providing jobs for their communities, paying wages to their neighbors, and creating income and tax revenues that stay in the local area. Our economy needs these small businesses to help generate the recovery from the continued disastrous loss of our manufacturing base. The single largest obstacle to the success of small business operators is the prohibitive cost of providing health care coverage for themselves and their employees, and the inability to gauge future costs. Competitive wages, safe and reasonable working conditions and health care coverage are central to mutually beneficial relationships between employers and employees. These relationships were typical of collective bargaining between unions and companies, and are once again possible on a broader scale thanks to the Health Care for All Ohioans Act.  

     At the root of successful employer/employee cooperation is the elimination of adversarial conditions that pit workers against owners, as is the situation with rising, unaffordable health care costs, currently the main point of contention in every bargaining situation. For the self-employed, who are providing health care coverage for themselves and their families without the benefit of real collectives, The Health Care for All Ohioans Act provides immediate relief by creating access to comprehensive, affordable healthcare with a fixed, fair, progressive gross receipts tax. For businesses that primarily generate their receipts through service labor provided, the savings are dramatic. For many the resulting savings can then be reinvested in the business, increasing revenue and creating jobs with no increase in costs over that of privately provided for-profit coverage. For small businesses with payrolls, in addition to the gross receipts tax, the funding formula of the Health Care for All Ohioans Act provides for an affordable, fixed, progressive employer-paid payroll tax that increases only as payrolls increase. Successful businessmen and women know that increased revenues and increased payrolls can result in increased profits.

     We have dug the healthcare hole very deep, the solution will be expensive and no one wants cheap healthcare anyway, only accessible, affordable healthcare coverage. It is time for bold, innovative steps to solve this problem that will affect every one of us eventually.  For the first time businesses will have the opportunity to determine their future healthcare costs due to the fixed rates of the funding formula. Ask a business person if they would support a plan that would allow them to project their healthcare costs for the next five years, even taking into account possible increased initial cost.  The answer you will get is a resounding, YES!  Businesses prefer steady financial forecasts, workers prefer job security and job creation over day to day employment, and all parties prefer a mutually beneficial, respectful relationship. Predictable healthcare costs encourage business to grow, workers to thrive and collective bargaining to be successful. The Health Care for All Ohioans Act is a winner for us all.

Now Let’s Reinvest These Savings

Healthcare coverage under the Healthcare for All Ohioans Act at the maximum payroll tax ceiling of 3.85%  will cost: (once again, the Ohio Legislature can set the payroll tax UNDER the 3.85% ceiling)

For a full-time employee earning $16 per hour….  $1,281 yearly     

                                               $20 per hour….  $1,602 yearly    

                                              $25 per hour …..$2002  yearly      

As you can see, the reduction in healthcare costs to self-employed persons under the gross receipts tax formula of the HCFAOA can fully fund healthcare for newly created jobs, all direct benefits of The Health Care for All Ohioans Act.

The Formula to Remember

Healthcare Savings=Job Creation=Increased Revenues=Increased Wages=Increased Production=Increased Profits=increased tax revenues.  Add Them All Together = Increased Wellness….Health Care for All Ohioans!

Spisak for State Rep * 548 Poland Ave * Struthers * Ohio* 44471
Molly Spisak, Treasurer

Dennis Spisak- Progressive Ideas for a Progressive 60th District